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Nutrition Specialist Reactivation

The annual membership renewal fee is due December 31st. The membership dues are paid in advance for the following year.

Certification is revoked if the renewal fee is NOT paid by the end of the calendar year. Please contact us if your membership is NOT up to date.

You must click on "I Agree" (below) to the Nutrition Specialist agreement.

Member Name
Member Email Address
Nutrition Specialist Certification ID Number
Please List Certifications/Degrees you would like listed on the AASDN Website
You must click on ''I Agree'' to the Nutrition Specialist Agreement

As a Nutrition Specialist I Agree:
1. I will provide nutrition and weight management education to the healthy, exercising population utilizing materials listed on the AASDN website. I understand that I am not qualified to provide any special menu plans except menu plans provided on the AASDN website. I understand that I can not in any way alter these materials.
2. I understand that I am not qualified to provide nutrition education to special populations, such as: Individuals with metabolic disorders (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, thyroid disorders, etc.); Individuals with eating disorders; Individuals with other medical problems; Or women that are pregnant, or lactating.
3. I agree to refer all special dietary needs to a qualified registered dietitian. The American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists (AASDN) is a nonprofit organization of registered sports dietitians and nutritionists.
4. I agree to refrain from selling supplements, related products, or exercise equipment in the name of AASDN, AASDN Credentialing Commission, Nutrition Specialist or Nutrition Manager. I understand that AASDN will not be associated with or endorse nutritional products, supplements or any related materials, or equipment.

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